Changes Occur When You Invest In Women

17/01/2019 PASHA Holding’s investment group, together with PASHA Bank, has launched a unique corporate program called “She Leads”, dedicated to working with women’s employees in the holding. The program has been developed and implemented by the Network of 100 Business Women of Azerbaijan, consisting of female entrepreneurs and top managers.

PASHA Holding’s Deputy Director General, Business Support Director Shahin Mammadov said that PASHA Holding is the first Azerbaijani enterprise implementing long-term corporate women’s leadership program.

“High level corporate culture of employees of the holding may serve as an example for the country’s corporate sector. PASHA Holding urges all female employees to look into this program from a new perspective for career development and professional development, “said Shahin Mammadov.

Shahin Mammadov underlined that PASHA Holding is committed to improving its corporate culture through continuous training and professional development programs.


Member of the Board of PASHA Bank, Chief Risk Officer Khayala Nagiyeva said that the Bank was the first financial institution to support the initiatives of women entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan by the “100 Business Women” organization.

“As you know, gender stereotypes have a negative impact on the development of any business. Based on transparent and sustainable business practices, PASHA Bank is a leading financial institution that respects the principles of gender equality in the country. Almost half of all high-level positions in the bank are currently occupied by women, “Khayala Nagiyeva said.

“We are very pleased and proud to start such a program with PASHA Holding. There is a good history of our relationship with PASHA Bank, which is one of the key sections of our holding, which has been supporting the SHE Congress for two years and organizing a special executive program dedicated to women’s leadership for their clients. With the access to the Holding, the program is getting more and more scalable and logical. The purpose of the program is to assist women in building education and communication, to expand and inspire their rights and opportunities. Our experts and coaches will be an example for program participants and will help them improve their leadership skills. Unshakable knowledge does not work. “SHE Leads” is primarily exchange and support, “said Tatyana Mikayilova, chairman of the” 100 Business Women of Azerbaijan “organization.