Credit Oriented – How Does It Work And How Do?



The ISF (Financial Solution Institute) operates in the targeted credit market, helping people who need a personal loan, an immediate loan for their company, a financial diagnosis or a credit report. Always focusing on the needs of its clients, ISF Crédito Oriente works to understand the credit demand of its clients, whether to invest, to obtain working capital or to re-adjust indebtedness.

In his team are experts with more than 20 years of experience in the credit market. The ISF offers customized solutions and consulting, allowing individuals and corporations to deal with money with much more awareness and prosperity. It is based on this idea that offers incredible credit options for the most varied profiles.

In 2009, the ISF began to work in a physical unit, located in the city of Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, but to follow the advances and transformations of the market, it became a Fintech , a company that uses the best technological solutions allied to the world of finance to provide users with a better experience. Today, the ISF is a fairly complete and easy-to-use online credit platform.

If you are in need of credit , you have heard many “no” from banks and traditional financial institutions, the ISF Credit Oriented may be the solution. The platform works together with a broad network of partners that, together, bring you the best and most personalized online credit option. Through the ISF, you can make loans with or without insurance, according to your needs and preferences.

ISF Platform Solutions Approved Credit

ISF Platform Solutions Approved Credit

As we said, ISF currently works with four solutions: loan for individuals, loan for legal entity, financial diagnosis or credit report. The first two are the most sought after. With more than 10 thousand clients and having intermediated over R $ 1 billion in resources, ISF is now among the best online credit platforms in Brazil,

Personal Loan for People

Personal Loan for People

When individuals need money to pay off their debts, invest in a business or asset or refinance something, they will usually seek help from the bank. What they do not realize is that this type of institution is not worried if their needs will be met or not, they are only interested in offering the most advantageous solution for them and with high interest rates and long installment terms.

In the ISF, this is different. With its 20 years of experience, the platform offers the user all the possible options so that his credit is better acquired. The focus is always on the customer! To find out more about the ISF personal loan, go to the page. Another way to get money is with the advance anticipation of receivables.

Loan and working capital for your company

Loan and working capital for your company

The ISF is a company truly concerned about making its users grow, after all, it is for them that it works, not for the banks. Therefore, it searches the market daily for the lowest rates and the best conditions, pointing to the user always the best way for your company to track after requesting a loan.

If your company needs to improve profitability, billing, have more guarantee and generate cash with the lowest possible costs and optimal payment deadlines, the solution can be in the ISF.

Settle unsecured loan, with guarantee and working capital for legal entity in an easy and oriented way.

Financial diagnosis

Both individuals and companies can request a financial diagnosis. This is a free service that will help you get a diagnosis of your current financial moment and guide you on the best credit or investment options in the market according to your profile.

For more information on the financial diagnosis of the ISF, go to:

  • For individuals
  • For legal entities

Credit report

Offered only for legal entities, credit report is a totally innovative solution for those who need a little help to organize the finances of your company without having to leave bank on bank trying to find the best exits.

At ISF, it’s a lot easier. You get a detailed report with accurate information and a list of lines of credit that seem best suited to your needs.

How to apply for a loan from the ISF?

How to apply for a loan from the ISF?

Applying for an online loan at ISF is actually very simple. Briefly, you need to access the page according to your profile (individual or legal entity – links today are ok), click the “Loan” button, fill in the desired amount, the reason for the loan, click “Continue without commitment” and wait for the page to return.

Is ISF Crédito Orienteado reliable and safe?

Yes, it is safe and reliable to make loan online at ISF Credit Oriented. Being an online company is always trapped and worries about the security of the information and data of its clients provided via online credit platform. Your site is protected by SSL the same as the banks, and more, the company meets all the regulations of Resolution nº. 3,954 of the Central Bank.