Loan for Technology and Innovation Companies



InovaCred program , line of loan for technology and innovation companies launched by Finep. What is InovaCred ? It is a special credit program with the objective of offering financing and loans to micro, small and medium enterprises.

The amounts released in InovaCred are excellent, each proposal ranges from R $ 150 thousand to R $ 2 million reais. The participation of the program is made through financial agents selected by the Financier, Development Banks, State Development Agencies and Commercial State Banks with a development portfolio, which will make the granting of refundable credits to companies operating in the area of ​​technology and innovation .

Each financial agent will have resources available in the amount of up to R $ 30 million to make the loan to companies with gross operating revenue of up to R $ 90 million. In five years, the program expects to finance about 2 thousand companies and register 20 financial agents.

“We will decentralize not only the subsidy, but also the loans. The state partners will give more capillarity to our performance, “says Glauco Arbix, president of Finep. Arbix also says that resources will enable these companies to seek innovation for competitiveness.


Letter of Credit Grant 

Letter of Credit Grant 


The agents will be in charge of receiving, analyzing and framing the proposals, releasing and monitoring the projects and resources. The final cost of operations for the companies financed will be TJLP (Long Term Interest Rate). “There is no deadline for accreditation of Financial Agents interested in operating the Inovacred Program,” the president adds.

The contracting of the financing to be granted to the companies financed must occur within a period of 30 months, from the date of issuance of the Letter of Credit Grant . The sum of the grace period and amortization granted by the Financial Agents to the companies will be a maximum of 96 months. The Financial Agent, subject to this limitation, can establish the appropriate grace and amortization for each company according to the project. The maximum grace period will be 24 months. Accreditation is already open. See more information on the Inovacred program page .

Launched last September, Tecnova is another Finep initiative focused on resource decentralization. The program has R $ 190 million for application in micro and small companies (annual sales up to R $ 3.6 million), aiming the development of new products, services and processes that increase their competitive differentials.

InovaCred is operated by partners in each state and, in addition to the resources of the Financier, Sebrae participates in a complementary form with another R $ 50 million. Finep will also provide additional funding of R $ 19 million for the structuring, administration and consolidation of local agents. The overall goal is for around 700 companies to be supported nationwide. They will each receive resources ranging from R $ 120 thousand to R $ 400,000.